Saturday, April 18, 2009

Analyze Method


Analysis Method is divided by 2, they are:

  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis

-Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental Analysis consider that analysis strategic, management, product, financial statistic, and all about financial information influence the decision of buying securities in Stock Exchange.

Many factors that used by fundamentalist, they are:

1. Supply Demand

Supply and Demand for a commodity have significant influence of fluctuation. If a demand of a commodity is increasing, it’s followed by increasing the value of commodity.

2. Export and Import

Export and Import also the factors that analyze fundamentalist. If a demand of export is increasing, it’s followed by increasing the value of commodity.

3. Weather and Geographical conditions

The factors of weather and geographical conditions also influence rate of commodity. Natural disaster caused by drastic change in the weather can defeat a commodity product, so, causing deficit of that commodity and the rate will increase.

4. Politic and Economy

5. International Stock Exchange

6. Substitution Commodity

-Technical Analyze

Technical analyze is an analyze method that used to trial fluctuate in the past for forecast of fluctuation in the future. Technical analyze is used to forecasting the security value, they are: Stock, Forex, option, or another instrument that can use for trading.

Analyze method is most used by the trader. Whenever and wherever you are trading, you need this method so you are not “lost” in your trading activity. Technical Analyze is like a guide for you to “read” the market condition.

The trader who usually use technical analyze is called chartist, chart trader or market technicians.

Monday, April 13, 2009

forextradingonline911 - future trading

Future Trading

Future Trading is a trading where people buy a trading commodity that they get in the future with the present rate of exchange

There are 3 benefits of Future Trading, they are:

1. Speculation

Many traders make a trading in future trading only for speculate. They are not absolutely interest to have the trading asset that trade in, but they only want speculation by trade in the future contract.

2. Arbitration

3. Hedging

By the system of purchasing contract, there is a hedging for the price. In future trading, trade agreement is trade in to the speculator or investor.

The benefit that offered by this trading system, in addition to benefits above, the price is formed by transparent system, competitive, and organized well.

Because of the most important, people need Future Trading, particularly to hedging and invest.